Cerrone | Chianchiere di fiducia dal 1969
Napoli, 2020
For over 50 years Cerrone has a passion for quality!

The passion for quality has been handed down from Cerrone for more than 50 years!

It was 1969 when Gennaro Cerrone, father of Lucio Cerrone, dreamed of opening his small butcher’s shop in via Manzoni, in front of the historic Torre Ranieri, to sell beef raised on the hills of Posillipo. With insistence and courage rare for that time, he obtained the license to start his shop, and this is how he became the first “Chianchiere” of the Cerrone family, also passing on this passion to his children. Today Lucio Cerrone manages the food and wine shop with enthusiasm and great professionalism; the store is completely renovated in the spaces and in the enhancement of the product, especially the meat counter which is enriched with a dry ager fridge. It is also renewed with a complete new brand and packaging.

The look is new, but the warmth and atmosphere of home are the same as always, between a smile and a tip from a trusted ‚ÄúChianchiere”.

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