2018, Milan
Roman tradition becomes the new Milanese trend

Format based on Roman street food in the Ticinese neighborhood of Milan, with an essential but highly representative menu of Roman street cuisine: tray-baked Roman pizza, white stuffed pizza cooked on a baking peel and Roman fried rice balls. Each product is available both in its traditional version – such as the Margherita or tray-baked Rossa, fried rice balls with meat sauce and white pizza with mortadella – and in less typical but still classic and tasty variations

Market study, food concept, economic feasibility analysis, geomarketing and support in choosing the location, support in creating architectural concept, artistic direction of architectural works, design management, artistic direction of architectural works, graphic concept, executive graphic project, food hunting e ricerca fornitori, creation of menu and recipes, staff training support, internal display layout, pre-launch and launch trial.