2019, Milan
Spirito imprenditoriale e tradizione di famiglia sono gli ingredienti della piadina più pop e colorata di Milano.

A small food place with a light-hearted atmosphere dedicated to one of the best street foods on the Riviera Romagnola: piadina, here proposed in a pop, contemporary and super-colourful key. The scrupulous study of the dough guarantees in fact 4 different types of dough: white with lard, yellow with turmeric, green with spinach and black with vegetable coal. The possibility, for the customer, to create his own piadina step by step, choosing the dough, the filling and the size contributes to the friendly, easy and fun soul of the size (normal o mini tris).

Format defining support, geomarketing and support in choosing the location, economic feasibility analysis, architectural concept, graphic concept, executive graphic concept, food&beverage offer development, training and staff research.